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Being a pastor gives you a unique lens -- being a female pastor who doesn't fit the mold gives you a REALLY unique lens. Here are some thoughts as I try and understand the world around me through that lens.

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The Crap We Say – Video Response

October 15, 2014

Thank you to everyone who has sent responses to “The Crap We Say” some folks asked what were the three funniest things people say to single people at weddings. From that conversation came this video. I hope it helps to shed a little light on the power of words.

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The Crap We Say

September 30, 2014

  The smell of horses, people walking around with giant turkey legs, and men in tights. I have no idea what happens at a Renaissance Faire. I’ve never been to one, so the only thing I can think of is people eating those giant turkey legs and mock jousting. Or, maybe Heath Ledger wooing the […]

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