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I help people see the potential beauty that already exists in their own lives and spaces.

I am Sarah - a speaker, pastor, author, podcaster, and designer

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Struggling to find a space to belong? Or struggling to create a space for others?

I would love to share surprisingly simple and effective ways to transform your group's culture from the inside-out. Together we can imagine ways to create transformational spaces that reach those you may not be reaching. 

In addition to my work in the pews, pages and podcasts, I am available for your next event or gathering. 

Sarah was recognized as one of Orange County's Top 100 Influencers for 2019!

From the words I speak, the communities I lead, to the actual spaces I design, I am always hoping to invite people into spaces that they didn't think were for them. Just like people use reclaimed wood, I like to reclaim spaces, theologies, and ideas in ways that don't destroy their original beauty, but bring out something new. 

I am an ordained United Methodist clergywoman.

I am also an actress-author-dancer-designer-science nerd -- so it’s not your typical career path. I love to use my unique experiences to teach others to lead with authenticity, reframe their stories, build relationships with people who are different than them, connect the spiritual and the ordinary, and renew their space in a way that renews community.  

More About Sarah

"In every talk, Sarah exudes great compassion, clarity, and heart. Sarah has this ability to own a stage, not with demanding ego, but with care and great love." 

Recording Artist and Author of “The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Seen: Opening Your Eyes to Wonder”

- Lisa Gungor -

"Our audience left Sarah's keynote address inspired and encouraged. Her unique ability to tell stories, paired with her thoughtful and fresh perspective on faith and culture, are exactly what so many people need to feel connected to God, self, others and the world." 

Director of Discipleship at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection and Director of Burlap ministry 
Author of The Wesley Challenge, The Garden Resonates, Gladhearted Disciples, A New Kind of Youth Ministry, and Clear 

- Chris Folmsbee -

“Sarah isn’t just a phenomenal speaker. She’s a working pastor, a woman, an orthodox Christian, and a person who give hope and community to those inside and outside the church.”

Author of Finding God in the Waves; Host of Ask Science Mike; Co-founder of The Liturgists

- Mike McHargue -

"When it comes to picking a powerful speaker for your next keynote, workshop, festival or class, Sarah Heath is your woman! I find that she brings a rare combination of spiritual depth, theological acumen, pastoral sensitivity, and engaging humor to each of her talks. When Sarah speaks, she lights up a room! I highly recommend you bring her in for your next happening."

Futurist, Speaker, and Collaborating Author, The Divine Dance with Richard Rohr

- Mike Morrell -