let's move from do it yourself... to do it together

from D.I.Y. to D.I.T.

Add the social media algorithms that decide what content we consume, and it is entirely possible for us to avoid ever engaging people who are different from us. If we continue in this trajectory we will only become more isolated and self-assured in our beliefs.

Making Spaces

But I don't think that's what we were created for.

I think incredible moments of transformation and connection are only possible through proximity and relationships. But let's be honest -- the most inclusive spaces to gather in America are often aesthetically uninviting, falling apart, and frankly... uninspiring.

We live in a social and political climate that thrives on making us more and more divided.

That's where I want to make a change.

So, here's the dream.

You're invited to join me as we "make spaces"
-- where nothing short of miracles can happen.

I bring my eclectic group of friends (think: experts on racial reconciliation and inclusion, musicians, artists, designers, rabbis, athletes, comedians, actors, pastors, drag queens -- you know, typical church folk) along for the ride to move us from a D.I.Y. culture to a D.I.T. culture -- Do It Together. No church storage closet is left unturned as we restore, renew, and reconcile. We're talking Queer Eye meets Marie Kondo meets the Vicar of Dibley. (If Chip and Jo want to come too, I won't object.) 

I imagine a world where "churches", once the most segregated spaces in America, can become our most connected and inclusive spaces. Spaces where inclusion isn't just a catchphrase or a tag line, but a way of life. I imagine spaces that welcome people into proximity with one another with such authenticity, that we can never go back to the way things were before.



Making Spaces

We live in a social and political climate that thrives on making us more and more divided.

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