I love coaching individuals and teams as they move from "THIS" to "THAT". Let me explain. How we view and live into our current reality is the this of our lives. Being fully present in our this can be the biggest challenge and gift of life. Sometimes we sense there is something beyond this and begin to imagine, just out of reach, there is a that. "THAT" may be a new job, a new business, a shift in your faith, a new way of leading, a new way of working together as a team, or finally launching that life long dream. 

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+ Have a goal or project you have yet to start, or are stuck along the way? Looking for extra motivation/organization/support?
+ Need some help navigating through a relational change?
+ Want to identify your dream and make it become a reality? 
+ Is there an area of your life you need to take the time to really dive in and explore so transformation can take place- health, relationships, financial stability, a project, a new business or idea?


Personal & Life Coaching is exactly what it sounds like: You have something in your personal life that you'd like to accomplish, change, improve, heal from, achieve or create and would like some help on the journey.  Let me help you meet your goal or finish your project. 

"Change isn't always easy, but Sarah has a way of walking you through areas of your life where you may feel stuck and helps you get to a place of embracing and running toward the new."
~Dana F. Executive Director of PINK Retreats

Life & Personal Coaching

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+ Are you trying to find your voice in leadership? Or worse- already feeling silenced, misunderstood or even too loud? 
+ Have you been hurt in your career space, be it ministry, corporate, entrepreneurial, etc and need to navigate some healing to move ahead bravely and boldly?
+ Need a strategic ally in your journey of strong leadership, someone who has been there and gets it?


Let's be honest- being a woman in leadership is hard. It is also beautiful, challenging and rewarding. These waters can be choppy for those of us who identify as female and I'd love to help you navigate these spaces you were created to be fully you and thrive in. 

"I am so grateful for Sarah and her amazing coaching. Launching my new business wouldn't have happened without Sarah pushing me to awaken the dream stirring within me to become a reality."
~Melissa C.G. Entrepreneur and Creator of
Dandelion Marketplace

Women in Leadership Coaching

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+ Have you recently transitioned out of ministry and feel a bit lost as to how to move forward?
+ Are you currently in ministry and considering leaving but want to make a measured and "right/good" decision so that you can leave well?
+ Are you aware of your "gifts" and "talents" but unsure how to apply them in the "real world, not even sure where to start?
+ Having a ministry-mid-life-crisis?


Ministry, The Church, and "calling" are things that are ever evolving. Many are transitioning out of relationship to the local church and asking hard questions such as What now? Who am I outside of this space? Should I stay or should I go? What do I even believe? How do I end  or stay well?

"After 24 years in full time vocational ministry, I abruptly found myself without a paycheck, a title, and even worse, a community. Sarah is helping me repurpose my identity, gifts and dreams all while understanding my faith shift and she guides me with grace, wisdom and a lot of laughter! She's the BEST!
~Heather S. Pastor, Speaker, Author, Coach

Pastoral & Transitional Coaching

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"In every talk, Sarah exudes great compassion, clarity, and heart. Sarah has this ability to own a stage, not with demanding ego, but with care and great love." 

Recording Artist and Author of “The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Seen: Opening Your Eyes to Wonder”

- Lisa Gungor -

"Our audience left Sarah's keynote address inspired and encouraged. Her unique ability to tell stories, paired with her thoughtful and fresh perspective on faith and culture, are exactly what so many people need to feel connected to God, self, others and the world." 

Director of Discipleship at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection and Director of Burlap ministry 
Author of The Wesley Challenge, The Garden Resonates, Gladhearted Disciples, A New Kind of Youth Ministry, and Clear 

- Chris Folmsbee -

“Sarah isn’t just a phenomenal speaker. She’s a working pastor, a woman, an orthodox Christian, and a person who give hope and community to those inside and outside the church.”

Author of Finding God in the Waves; Host of Ask Science Mike; Co-founder of The Liturgists

- Mike McHargue -

"When it comes to picking a powerful speaker for your next keynote, workshop, festival or class, Sarah Heath is your woman! I find that she brings a rare combination of spiritual depth, theological acumen, pastoral sensitivity, and engaging humor to each of her talks. When Sarah speaks, she lights up a room! I highly recommend you bring her in for your next happening."

Futurist, Speaker, and Collaborating Author, The Divine Dance with Richard Rohr

- Mike Morrell -