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Envision your life as an adventure co-created by God. This study explores Joseph's story. He accomplished great things in Egypt, but he didn't really understand his story's significance until he recognized what God was doing through him. Sarah Heath helps you explore your own life story in the same way. By doing so, you'll discover how to co-create with God the kind of life that will be a page-turner.

Published by Abingdon Press Released April 2017 Including leaders guide curriculum and video series

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What's Your Story? Seeing your Life Through God's Eyes

FOMO, the fear of missing out, isn’t new. But today, social media makes us increasingly more aware of the fun, interesting, and enjoyable activities that others are experiencing. We yearn for the lives we assume others are already living.

Through insights gained through her own journey toward contentment, author Sarah Heath found the answer to overcoming these feelings is to live an authentic life. Rather than longing for and chasing after somebody else’s life, you have to show up completely to your own life with honesty and courage. In the Authenticity Challenge, Sarah invites you to embrace authenticity in three key areas of your life: vocation (the What), relationships (the Who), and faith/health (the Why). Over the course of 21, days you will be guided through seven daily challenges each week related to one of these areas.

published by Abingdon Press Released April 2019

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The 21-Day Authenticity Challenge

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Past Speaking Events

Speaking contributor for The Lead Conference (2012, 2017) 

Keynote for South Eastern Jurisdictions Clergywomen’s Consultation, 2015 

Keynote speaker for Break Thru Youth Event Houston UMC church’s yearly youth conference, 2016

Keynote speaker for Edge Camp 2016, The Woodlands UMC Texas 

Keynote speaker, with Rachel Held Evans, at Pilgrimage Weekend 2017

Speaker for The Liturgist Gathering, Los Angeles CA (audio available on the podcast the Liturgists episode loving your enemies) 2017

Speaking Contributor for the Wild Goose Festival, 2016, 2018, 2019

Keynote for The Leadership Institute – hosted by Church of the Resurrection UMC – Leawood, Kansas, 2017

Keynote for the Young Preachers Festival – Hosted by the Church of the Resurrection UMC – Leawood, Kansas, 2018

School of Congregational Development – Workshop leader, 2018, San Diego 

Video Host of the Disciple Fast Track bible study series – Abingdon Press, released 2018 

Keynote Speaker for the Revolution Youth Conference, Hosted by South Carolina Conference of the UMC, 2019 

Currently Serving as a spokesperson for World Vision Canada 2019 

Keynote Speaker for “Lead” event hosted by Be In Christ May 2019

"In every talk, Sarah exudes great compassion, clarity, and heart. Sarah has this ability to own a stage, not with demanding ego, but with care and great love." 

Recording Artist and Author of “The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Seen: Opening Your Eyes to Wonder”

- Lisa Gungor -

"Our audience left Sarah's keynote address inspired and encouraged. Her unique ability to tell stories, paired with her thoughtful and fresh perspective on faith and culture, are exactly what so many people need to feel connected to God, self, others and the world." 

Director of Discipleship at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection and Director of Burlap ministry 
Author of The Wesley Challenge, The Garden Resonates, Gladhearted Disciples, A New Kind of Youth Ministry, and Clear 

- Chris Folmsbee -

“Sarah isn’t just a phenomenal speaker. She’s a working pastor, a woman, an orthodox Christian, and a person who give hope and community to those inside and outside the church.”

Author of Finding God in the Waves; Host of Ask Science Mike; Co-founder of The Liturgists

- Mike McHargue -

"When it comes to picking a powerful speaker for your next keynote, workshop, festival or class, Sarah Heath is your woman! I find that she brings a rare combination of spiritual depth, theological acumen, pastoral sensitivity, and engaging humor to each of her talks. When Sarah speaks, she lights up a room! I highly recommend you bring her in for your next happening."

Futurist, Speaker, and Collaborating Author, The Divine Dance with Richard Rohr

- Mike Morrell -