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Being a pastor gives you a unique lens -- being a female pastor who doesn't fit the mold gives you a REALLY unique lens. Here are some thoughts as I try and understand the world around me through that lens.

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… But not too much

September 29, 2016

I can’t remember exactly when my deep fear of being “Too Much” started, but I remember it was young. I started counting the number of times I answered a question in elementary school. I wanted to make sure that I answered just enough questions that my teacher knew I understood and that I was bright, […]

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take me to church

November 2, 2015

photo credit: Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul via photopin (license) Have you heard the song “Take me to Church” by the musician Hozier? If you haven’t, you may not have turned on the radio since 2014. It seems like that song is everywhere. In fact, it was the most internationally streamed song in 2014. […]

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50 Shades of Grace- The Clothes don’t make the Woman

April 29, 2015

With all the strange ethos that surround sexuality and dating in Christian culture, it’s no wonder that people don’t know what to do with the idea that I could be a gendered sexual being. I have met many women clergy who, after taking this job and working for several years, began to look less and […]

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