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Being a pastor gives you a unique lens -- being a female pastor who doesn't fit the mold gives you a REALLY unique lens. Here are some thoughts as I try and understand the world around me through that lens.

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A No Good Very Bad Day Redeemed

November 12, 2014

  As my phone dropped to the ground all I could manage to say was “of course.” The shattered iPhone screen was the last step in officially making Monday not my day. I tried to call my mom and express my frustration at this “horrible no good day” but the damage to my phone made […]

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You can’t be Han Solo; you’re a GIRL!!!

November 5, 2014

“You can’t be Han Solo you’re a girl!” this one sentence changed my life. It also started a bit of a wrestling match between 4 year old me and my best guy friend. I ran into the house covered in tears. Life would never be the same. As I sat with my mom she explained […]

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