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Sarah Heath

Originally from Canada and Southern Mississippi Sarah Heath currently serves First United Methodist Church in Costa Mesa California, where she is the lead pastor for a church re-start and revitalization. Sarah has a passion for music, traveling, acting, creating art, playing and watching sports. The biggest blessings in her life are her random assortment of talented friends and her amazing mutt of a dog, Tenor.


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… But not too much

Posted on Sep 29 by

I can’t remember exactly when my deep fear of being “Too Much” started, but I remember it was young. I started counting the number of times I answered a question in elementary school. I wanted to make sure that I answered just enough questions that my teacher knew I understood and that I was bright, but not enough to seem like I was “too much”. I would limit my number of answers per day and make sure that I didn’t raise my hand even when I knew the answer. I didn’t want my class mates to think I was a know it all. I was smart… but not too smart. From a very early age I learned the game of being female and avoiding being “too much.” I learned quickly that being too smart, or too athletic, too funny, too emotional, or too opinionated would leave you on the outside, and as a social butterfly I never wanted to be an outsider. If I was going to be popular I would have too learn how to be just enough-...


How do you like your eggs?

Posted on Aug 8 by

How do you like your eggs?   “How do you like your eggs?”   Richard Gere’s character in Runaway Bride asks Julia Roberts’ character this simple question. The funny part is she doesn’t have a clear answer. Roberts’ character has been in many serious relationships that haven’t made it to “I do.” The town has given her the nickname “Runaway Bride.” Gere is a reporter who has heard the story of this runaway bride, and with curiosity comes to meet this girl incapable of taking the plunge. He interviews her, and those in the small town she lives in. She is once again engaged and the whole town wonders if she will run again. Of course the inevitable love story is that Gere falls in love with this impossible woman and wants to help her move beyond her commitment fears. He begins to notice that in every relationship she’s in, she orders her eggs based on what her partner orders. The eggs become a metaphor for her trying to fit into the other person’s life, whether hard-boiled or over-easy....


A Much Needed Applause

Posted on Aug 1 by

I haven’t been able to write. With a book deadline, a new job, and trying to process all I experienced at the Wild Goose festival, I haven’t known how to express all that I have been feeling or thinking. During overwhelming times like these, my dad says, “life can feel like trying to drink out of fire hose. It all just comes at once and you feel like you may drown.” I have been drowning these last two weeks.   But there’s this thing about drowning: it only takes one hand to reach for you and pull you to safety. This week, that life-giving hand came in the applause of a three year old named “Willow.” Before I share her story, let me first share how I got to this moment of drowning. It all started with a sign.   “Make what you wish existed.”   That sign hangs in the co-working space that I currently share in Costa Mesa. I am working in the co-working space for several reasons.   Lets start with the positive: – Getting to...


The “Goose”

Posted on Jul 12 by

A Methodist pastor, a scientist, a Christian Shaman, a t-shirt company entrepreneur, a LGBT activist, a blogger, a transgender former mega church pastor, a hula hopping teen, a skeptical former rock star all walk into a conference. No that isn’t the beginning of a joke those were the people I met just on the first day of this years Wild Goose festival, and most of these humans were even in my cabin. For years I had heard whisperings of this festival and many times someone has suggested that I should speak at it, but I will be honest I had no idea what it really was. Nor did I have any idea how it would transform me.   This year when Wild Goose was brought up separately by two of my favorite humans I decided to finally turn in a speaker application. It was only after they accepted my application that I decided to go on the website and see the video describing the Wild Goose festival. Lets just say I immediately worried that I would not fit in....


God the Father

Posted on Jun 20 by

On Father’s day weekend I thought I would share some thoughts on why we avoid referring to God with paternal language and how we may be missing out on helping people experience the reconciling love of God.   As I sat across from one of my favorite parishioners he looked over his notes. For the last five years I have met with him every couple of months and he always brings a list of thoughts and questions. I love these meetings. They usually take place at a coffee shop. He brings the thoughts he has been having over the last month or so written on a scrap piece of paper. The paper is usually folded up in his pocket. He carries the piece of paper around with him at his work and adds to it when something strikes him. By the time we meet the piece of paper is usually well worn and folded and refolded many times. I love his well thought out questions and reflections. This was going to be our last time meeting before I transition...


The Gift of Goodbye

Posted on Jun 6 by

You and I both know that the house is haunted. You and I both know that the Ghost is me- Shakey Graves   A couple of years ago I overheard a girl describing the end of her latest relationship with these words- “I don’t know he just Ghosted.” Since then I have heard it again and again as a description of what happens when someone doesn’t actually confront the fact that they no longer want to be in the relationship, or the pursuit of a relationship, and so begin to simply slip away. A couple of unanswered text message, daily calls turn into weekly calls, they slowly disappear until there is nothing left. The actions are so gradual that you almost don’t notice the person is doing it until it is done and they are gone.   I have Ghosted, and I have been Ghosted (not sure that is the proper use of the term.) I have been a coward and my people pleasing heart hasn’t wanted to tell people, whether friend or someone I am dating, that it...